Anne Nowak (b. 1976) is a Danish artist based in Copenhagen. Although she uses materials as different as paper, mirrors, stones and fabric, and different techniques such as screen printing, drawing, spray painting and cyanotype, her aesthetics is driven by a fascination towards the outer hemisphere. Using a deeply poetical language, Nowak creates magnetic works inviting the viewer on a mystical journey into micro universes of suns, moons and planets. She has exhibited at The Spring Break Exhibition in Copenhagen, Spring Break Art Show in New York City and had a solo exhibition at R2 Galleri, Denmark.

When I work the method becomes a part of the creation. I often work with a new theme and a new method. Nature is an inspiration in my work, as being born and raised on a small island (Bornholm). Now living in Copenhagen I try to get as much nature in my work as possible, I did a project called “The Dead People ́s Dead Flowers” where I gathered flowers from the compost in graveyards around the world for two years. Then I did a blueprint of each flower. Over 250 prints were made creating a simultaneously concrete and abstract exposure of death’s absence. I feel a responsibility to try to highlight some of the themes that are difficult to talk about, or issues that are critical and needs attention. My performance “The Cosmic Wall” was a part of a greater exhibition “Strangers Come To Town” in NYC 2018. Where 250 bricks covered in cosmic paint was assembled and disassembled as a wall, 2 times a day for 2 hours by me. As a comment to Trump’s wall between Mexico and the US. 


For more information, please contact Anne Nowak at:

Anne Nowak

Frederiksberg Allé 42B

1820 Frederiksberg


+45 23495851